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Working with Dr. Denise Lew could be a good match for you if you are a woman who finds dating scary and overwhelming, feels frustrated and stuck with where her professional life is heading, wants support as an international student, or aims to carve out a life of her own.

My Approach

Dr. Denise Lew uses Control-Mastery Theory to orient her work. She believes that grim pathogenic beliefs about oneself, others and the world are the origins of psychopathology and underlie why you hold yourself back. Dr. Lew sees her task as simply understanding where you want to go, helping to loosen your unique set of pathogenic beliefs, and encouraging that you reach goals you set out to achieve with time. In therapy, she will be understanding and challenging, warm and perhaps silly, and very capable of moving between active coaching & emotionally engaged interaction. She will work in a real-world way to solve current problems and is confident about personalizing her approach to be beneficial and growth-oriented for you.

My Approach
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