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Working with Dr. Denise Lew could be a good match for you if want a companion by your side – someone who will guide, encourage, challenge, support, and advocate for you. She is also a fit if you want a forum to embark on a journey; a journey in selfhood, dating and relating, fertility, education or in your career. 

My Approach

What orients me in psychotherapy is a meta-theory; a meta-theory on the origins of psychopathology and how psychotherapy works.

It’s called “Control-Mastery Theory” in the literature.  A dear mentor of mine calls it “Prosocial Psychotherapy."  She extended the theory to include the role of altruism.  You can look them both up.

But here's how it relates to my practice. 

The meta--theory allows me to become a scientist.  How I work with you depends entirely on your history and interactions with me, which are my data.  I gather these data from initial sessions and create a hypothesized plan of what you need for growth.  Then, I test the plan by watching for your progress. 


If a plan is on track, you will experience growth in ways you knew you wanted ... or in ways you didn't know you wanted, but needed.  If a plan is off track, you will tell me and I'll know by seeing anti-progression.  This meta-theory is the secret sauce compass I use in personalizing treatment to you.

My Approach
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