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About Me

May, 2024

As I look back at 7 years, I'm proud to have built a steady and successful private practice. I set out as soon as I was licensed in 2017, tolerating risk and leaning on help from a wonderful community.  I accomplished my goal of making psychotherapy more accessible to those traditionally underrepresented in mental health services.  Yet, I have more to explore, advocate and create. 


My recent focus is on quality of work over quantity, taking on fewer new clients. 


For those I am able work with, I'll be available and flexible.  That is, you'll have text, email, phone and video access to me.  Sessions are 45 minutes on paper, 50+ minutes in practice.  I'll be a few minutes tardy, but always make up the time.  Of course, you'll find me highly consistent and humane.  Above all else, you'll know that I have great affection for each of my clients.  And I'm motivated to help you grow.

Cheers to another 7 years.
Denise Lew, Psy.D.

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