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About Me

I’m a proud San Francisco native and second-generation Chinese American who for the past 10 years has worked with a diverse client population in a variety of clinical settings, including local elementary and high schools, hospitals, and community mental health clinics through-out the Bay Area.

More recently, I have had opportunities to hone leadership skills as a Post-Doctoral Fellow – with oversight of a high school counseling center; Clinic & Training Director -- with administrative and clinical oversight of the quality of care provided by supervisors, trainers, and supervisees at a sliding-scale clinic affiliated with San Francisco Psychotherapy Research Group; and most recently as a psychologist in private practice -- where I specialize in outpatient individual psychotherapy services for teen and adult Asian populations.  I am passionate about helping women specifically overcome dating anxiety.    

A highly motivated psychologist of color, I envision the next level of professional development for me as one involving training, supporting, and supervising the next generation of culturally competent clinicians.  Also, as someone who is lucky enough to be in a position of service, I aim to make psychotherapy more accessible to those who have been traditionally underrepresented in mental health services. 
 If my passion for, and experience working with diverse populations makes working with me seem like a good match for you, that's great!  I am accepting new clients and look very much look forward to discussing our possible fit.

Denise Lew, Psy.D.

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